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Custom Massage

60 Minutes     $95
90 Minutes     $140

120 Minutes   $190

During this customized session, experience the many benefits of massage. Whether the goal is relaxation or a more therapeutic approach, the therapist will use techniques best suited for the client's needs.


Ashiatsu  Massage

90 Minutes     $140

120 Minutes   $190

Ashiatsu is a barefoot massage technique where the therapist uses their feet instead of their hands. The therapist uses bars that are attached to the ceiling above the massage table. Using these bars allows the therapist to manipulate the muscle from a very therapeutic approach with slow and deep compression techniques.


Himalayan Hot Stone Massage

90 Minutes    $140

Experience deep relaxation while the heat of the Himalayan hot stones melt away muscles tension. These stones contain 84 naturally occurring minerals that provide a gentle exfoliation on the skin.


Mother's Bliss Massage

60 Minutes   $95
90 Minutes   $140

Experience the many benefits of pregnancy massage with the comfort of our custom body cushion that allows the mother to lay face down safely. Benefits of prenatal massage include reduced swelling by increasing circulation, naturally relieving pain, improve sleep, and reduces stress levels.


The Athlete's Rx

90 Minutes    $130

120 Minute   $180

Do you live a lifestyle where you enjoy pushing your body so you can indulge in all the activities this mountain town has to offer?

This service is a perfect reset button for the body to help you continue to play harder and avoid injury. This session includes either a 60 or 90 minute sports massage, followed by a 30 minute stretch session. 

NOTE: Please wear athletic clothing to receive maximum benefits from the stretch session.


In-Home Massage

60 Minutes  $160

90 Minutes  $200

Have multiple people staying in one house hold that want to receive massage? On a family ski trip and want an in-home spa day? Experience the benefits of massage without ever leaving home! If you have 3 or more people that would like to receive a massage, contact us for group pricing!

* Price may vary based on travel time outside of Summit County.


Local Appreciation Discount

$5.00 off any service

Just bring your ID to your service to show you live in the County. Receive some local appreciation with a discount on your service!

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