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About Me

My Journey in Bodywork

My name is Claire Elliott. I moved to Colorado from Illinois in 2007 and like most people, I fell in love with all the beauty and adventure that the Colorado Rockies have to offer. In the years I have lived in Colorado, I have had the privilege of indulging in a lifestyle  outdoor activities such as snowboarding, mountain biking, rock climbing, and fly fishing.
In that time, I have worked in the spa industry, in a chiropractic setting, and now on the journey of starting my own business!
I’ve been a professional Massage Therapist since 2010. I completed my training at the Colorado School of Healing Arts in Fort Collins, CO. Since then I have taken multiple continued education courses, including sport and therapeutic bodywork, ashiatsu massage (barefoot massage), cupping, and  myofascial release therapy. 
Each of our sessions together will be tailored to your body's needs with an approach that is best for you. Even though I specialize in bodywork and manual manipulation, I still have 7+ years of experience spa experience and relaxation massage. 
What differs massage from bodywork?
Massage is generally associated with a more relaxing experience, with long, flowing strokes. Bodywork is similar to massage, however bodywork targets the muscular and connective tissue in a more detailed approach in order to alleviate pain and restore normal function of the muscle. Bodywork can be a more active experience for the client, using neuromuscular techniques that involve client to perform small movements to activate muscles. Both massage and bodywork have their benefits.

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